About Triton Dine

This is an app I made in my free time after a few of my suitemates in Snoopy 703D and I came up with the idea behind it.

Special Thanks To:

How the calculation works:

let totalDays be the number of days total in the current school year.
let yourBalance be the total number of dining dollars you have left (fetched via the login).
define a ‘valid’ day as one that a student can use their dining dollars roughly defined here.
let daysLeft be the number of ‘valid’ school days left until the last day of Spring Quarter.

  1. ucsdGivesYou = totalDays/your meal plan
  2. “You’ve saved:” = yourBalance - ucsdGivesYou * daysLeft (if negative, that means overspent)
  3. weRecommend = yourBalance/daysLeft
  4. youveUsed = running total of all transactions today.
  5. "You have:’ = weRecommend - youveUsed (if negative, that means overspent today)

Questions? Problems? Feedback?

Email me at tritondine@jacksheridan.com.

Thanks for downloading!

- Jack Sheridan